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Kindness transcends time

My Dad shared this video with me today.. It’s a beautiful story that speaks all languages through an act of kindness. I’m a firm believer that God is in the details of our lives. He weaves a beautiful story out of each of our journeys…

Kindness will transcend time.  Take a minute today to watch this video then as a call to action go share it with others and do something kind.



The Birthday Project

14 hours and counting until I enter a new decade of my life. I can hardly wait! My excitement is wrapped up and packaged neatly inside…The Birthday Project.

Tomorrow morning we’ll unwrap a day of giving back and passing out smiles throughout the day here in Austin. The idea was shown to me by a dear friend several months back. Robyn Bomar was the originator of the birthday project back in 2010. Her wish was to perform a random act of kindness for every year of her life as well as asking her blog readers, friends and family to join in the day of giving.

Tomorrow, May 9th, I’m asking the same of our readers! Take part by doing something kind for someone else during the day tomorrow and then let us know what you did by commenting below! I’ll be back to post the 40 random acts of kindness we did throughout the day as well.


To check out Robyn’s 38 ROAK’s and her readers responses, see them here at The Birthday Project.

Happy Giving!!!