This is what it’s all about!

Do we see the needs around us?

Watching this video it made me think back on my mission and how one of my companions and I decided that we needed to be prepared to serve. We would put a pair of gloves, or an apple in our back packs so that if we ever saw the need of another we could fill it. Without fail we would always run into someone that day that needed whatever it was we put in our backpack. The Lord knows when we are ready and willing to serve His children and He will guide our desires to serve.

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you + one person you love + 15 minutes daily = FAMILYNESS

The Yellow House

(Not sure why the links aren’t working.. I checked them and they are set up correctly.  go to to find her site)

My Mother in law shared The Yellow House blog with me the other day.  I’m already addicted.  The Yellow House is loaded with ideas to bring a family together. She has innovative ideas for ‘kid dates’, ‘marriage’, ‘family adventure’, and so much more. I don’t know if it’s because we just added baby #3 to our family, but Davina (the author of The Yellow House) has inspired me to be more proactive as the mother of my little crew.

I love the word adventure!  She ties all the adventure and fun into having a family.  I believe that a family that plays together stays together.  The family is a foundation of strength for our nation.  Therefore, parents who care, can make a monumental impact.

My family has been incorporating some of her ideas into our daily schedule and already we have seen a huge difference.

We went on a treasure hunt to find the dessert after dinner, and built a fort to snuggle and watch our favorite Disney. Retiring to bed that night my kids said,..

“This has been the best day ever!”

What?!? I didn’t even realize that our days had gotten so monotonise.  A to-do list and responsibilities have a way of stealing the fun right out of a day.  With a little extra effort this week I’ve turned those to-dos and responsibilities into adventures.

My two older kids have been so worried that I would forget about them with this new baby in our home.

“Mom, do you love the baby more than us?” questions my daughter.

“Well, it looks like I’ve finally been replaced.” says my son.

“Are you going to forget about us mom?” my son asks.

Comments like this made me realize the importance of personal time with each child.  Davina calls them ‘Kid Dates’. They love it!!! It builds confidence in your children as well as helps you to get to know them better.

Let me know whatcha think of The Yellow House.  🙂

(Not sure why the links aren’t working.. I checked them and they are set up correctly.  go to to find her site)


Thoughtful Thursday 08/15/2013

PERSISTENCE = the sustained effort necessary to induce faith.

Faith removes limitations

Happiness is found in doing not merely in possessing. 

Genuine wisdom is usually conspicuous through modesty and silence.

I found these fun quotes from the book by Napoleon Hill, “Think & Grow Rich”

Thoughtful Thursday 07/18/2013

My friend sent me this quote the other day.. I have this weird thing for energy, elements, science etc… so I thought this was really cool. Have a good weekend. Albert einstein

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is physics.” — Albert Einstein