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Christmas Shoe Box

Great Idea for Christmas kindness

An Eponym community member shared this great site with us with a creative idea to serve during the Christmas season. 

Check it out HERE


Kindness Ideas

These small gestures can go a long way…

Call a grandparent

Carry groceries for someone to their car

Write a love letter to your sweatheart

Mow neighbors lawn

Read to Seniors

Give out free Popsicles (great for children to get involved while doing this one)

Pick up a persons tab that is sitting alone in a restaurant

Share a hug or a smile

Visit anyone who may be lonely

Take something in appreciation to your child’s teacher

Say “no” to road rage

Give flowers to someone you love or a random person you meet throughout your day

Pay for the person behind you while going through the drive  through
Hope you have a wonderful weekend..