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you + one person you love + 15 minutes daily = FAMILYNESS

The Yellow House

(Not sure why the links aren’t working.. I checked them and they are set up correctly.  go to to find her site)

My Mother in law shared The Yellow House blog with me the other day.  I’m already addicted.  The Yellow House is loaded with ideas to bring a family together. She has innovative ideas for ‘kid dates’, ‘marriage’, ‘family adventure’, and so much more. I don’t know if it’s because we just added baby #3 to our family, but Davina (the author of The Yellow House) has inspired me to be more proactive as the mother of my little crew.

I love the word adventure!  She ties all the adventure and fun into having a family.  I believe that a family that plays together stays together.  The family is a foundation of strength for our nation.  Therefore, parents who care, can make a monumental impact.

My family has been incorporating some of her ideas into our daily schedule and already we have seen a huge difference.

We went on a treasure hunt to find the dessert after dinner, and built a fort to snuggle and watch our favorite Disney. Retiring to bed that night my kids said,..

“This has been the best day ever!”

What?!? I didn’t even realize that our days had gotten so monotonise.  A to-do list and responsibilities have a way of stealing the fun right out of a day.  With a little extra effort this week I’ve turned those to-dos and responsibilities into adventures.

My two older kids have been so worried that I would forget about them with this new baby in our home.

“Mom, do you love the baby more than us?” questions my daughter.

“Well, it looks like I’ve finally been replaced.” says my son.

“Are you going to forget about us mom?” my son asks.

Comments like this made me realize the importance of personal time with each child.  Davina calls them ‘Kid Dates’. They love it!!! It builds confidence in your children as well as helps you to get to know them better.

Let me know whatcha think of The Yellow House.  🙂

(Not sure why the links aren’t working.. I checked them and they are set up correctly.  go to to find her site)



The Birthday Project

14 hours and counting until I enter a new decade of my life. I can hardly wait! My excitement is wrapped up and packaged neatly inside…The Birthday Project.

Tomorrow morning we’ll unwrap a day of giving back and passing out smiles throughout the day here in Austin. The idea was shown to me by a dear friend several months back. Robyn Bomar was the originator of the birthday project back in 2010. Her wish was to perform a random act of kindness for every year of her life as well as asking her blog readers, friends and family to join in the day of giving.

Tomorrow, May 9th, I’m asking the same of our readers! Take part by doing something kind for someone else during the day tomorrow and then let us know what you did by commenting below! I’ll be back to post the 40 random acts of kindness we did throughout the day as well.


To check out Robyn’s 38 ROAK’s and her readers responses, see them here at The Birthday Project.

Happy Giving!!!

Giving back in Austin

Looking for a way to give back this Christmas Season?

2012 Austin Adopt-a-Family Toy & Food Drives

UT-Austin law school students collect toys over the holidays.

There are so many opportunities to share in Austin this Christmas and these nonprofits and drives make it easy.  Here is a link to the site Giving City Austin. This site will provide many giving opportunities this season if you are interested.

If your office, class or group is looking for a giving opportunity, consider adopting a family. Children and teens can learn a little about giving (and appreciate what they get) when they adopt a senior or another child. You might consider hosting a drive for one of these campaigns yourself by asking party guests to bring a toy. Many of these projects also need volunteers. What would be more fun than wrapping toys and gifts for kids?

A warning: Volunteer slots and even donation opportunities fill up pretty quickly. I guarantee you, this will totally make your holiday. Don’t miss out!

Don’t forget to check out the comments section of this post! Some last-minute additions from other nonprofits.

Bastrop Adopt a Family
Here’s your chance to help one of the families affected by the wildfires in Bastrop County. Because it’s hard to start from nothing for the holidays.

Foundation Communities Holiday Assistance

Foundation Communities provides affordable housing communities for families across Austin. Donate online or complete a sponsor form to help a low-income family this year.

Salvation Army’s Angel Tree Program
Look for Salvation Army trees set up in businesses, churches, or malls to brighten an underprivileged youth’s holiday season.

Holiday Wishes Partnerships for Children
Donate Christmas presents to kids in Child Protection Services.

Lifeworks Project Holiday Help
Adopt a family, sponsor a party, or simply donate necessities to help out needy Capitol area families during the holiday season.

The Christmas Bureau of Austin
(Not sure this one’s happening this year. No word yet, but we’ll let you know!) Families apply to participate, you review applications to choose your family. Choose a senior living on her own or a multi-generational family.

SafePlace Sponsor a Family
SafePlace helps men, women and children who are victims of domestic or sexual abuse. Donors are assigned a family or individual living in their transitional housing.

Family Eldercare’s Holiday Giving Drive
Make the Holidays brighter by sponsoring gifts for seniors and adults with disabilities who would otherwise not receive gifts this Holiday Season.

Any Baby Can Wish List
You can donate items from the wish list all year but how fun would it be to make gift baskets for new moms?

Orange Santa
UT-Austin invites students and staff to drop off toys at various locations around campus.

Blue Santa
Municipal employees adopt families and you help by donating items, donating money or volunteering. Families needing assistance can visit several application sites.

Brown Santa
The Travis County Sheriff’s raises money by hosting a 5K run, a motorcycle ride and accepting your donations. Families needing assistance can visit several application sites.

P.S. If you need help, most of these websites tell you how to apply for assistance. You should also try calling 2-1-1 and ask for holiday help. Remember: Sign up as soon as possible. Most of these drives run out of items long before they run out of people who need them.

HOPE4JD Fundraiser – 12/2/2012

Now that you know a little more about our person of the week, JD Hartman, we want you to know more about how you can help. JD’s family has started a non-profit organization called HOPE4JD. Their mission is to provide hope through financial and recovery based support services to families of children suffering from a hypoxic/anoxic brain injury due to a non-fatal drowning. HOPE4JD provides care packages and information for families when their child is in the hospital, as well as assessment by a licensed therapist and financial assistance for treatments and services to help the child going forward.

HOPE4JD is hosting author Jeanne Damoff, author of Parting the Waters, to share how her son’s near drowning accident tested her faith, family and community and how she found beauty in brokenness. If you are in the Austin area this weekend, we would love if you can attend and support HOPE4JD. To purchase tickets, click here. You can also help by sharing the flier below on Facebook or emailing it to friends and family.



Donations Needed

When speaking with some of the Homeless in Austin they expressed some specific needs at this time.  Don’t feel obligated to donate, but if you can and are willing to help please email what you are able to donate and your best contact information to  Also please leave which item you are donating in the comment section on this post. That way others will know what has already been donated. We will then be in contact with you shortly to let you know where to drop off your donations.

Items needed:



Camping Chairs

Phone Cards

Shoes (Men’s size 10)

Thank you for your help