Simply Love


I was lying in bed this morning (still exhausted) thinking about Christmas and the true meaning of it.   Our family is moving soon and therefore our plates have been very full.  Yesterday we finished all the packing that we were going to do before Christmas.  This being my favorite Holiday, we decided to take a break the next couple of days and start up packing again after Christmas.

Anywho.. back to this morning. I was thinking about the birth of the Savior and his life in general. The Savior illuminated the perfect example of kindness, love, and sacrifice.  He gave so much, but had so little..  Wealth, as the world would know it, was not his gift.    He went about his life doing good, filling his days with simple acts of kindness.

I thought back to a night in my life where I experienced one of these gifts.  I had just gotten out of the hospital.  I could barely walk or talk.  My body was weak and the recovery process was daunting.  In the middle of the night I began sobbing.  It was one of those painful cries where you can feel it throughout all of your body. By myself I felt alone, empty, and discouraged. Not wanting to stay in this place, I reached out in prayer.  I said nothing profound, but all of the sudden the feeling of darkness that was blanketing me began to lift.  I could feel myself being filled with the deepest type of love imaginable.  It’s actually impossible for me to describe. I’ve searched for the words to express this moment and found nothing.  I was being filled with an unseen light and love.  I will never forget how at such a low moment… He knew I needed help.  He heard the ache in my heart and simply knew that I needed Him.  I don’t get to experience that intense feeling very often, but I will never forget that night.

I felt like I was given a gift that night.  A little incite to how real and intense His love is.

Often times I think that I need to have money to be able to really give. I don’t know why… other than I think that’s what most people “think” they really need.  Again, the Savior had nothing, and yet gave so freely.  Just like he freely gave to me that evening, and it didn’t cost a penny.

During this Season we celebrate His birth.  What better way to celebrate than to do what He would do if he were here. Going about our lives doing good.  Spreading simple acts of kindness.  Filling others with the same love and light that has been offered to us.

The other day I came home to our driveway that was filled with little messages written in chalk for our family.  “Merry Christmas” “We will miss you” “We love you”  A simple act right?  But it meant the world to us! It couldn’t have come at a better time. What a simple, yet impactful way to brighten someone’s day. We loved it! Thank you to whomever did this for our family!


Never suppress a generous thought.

Kindness is contagious, spread it everywhere you go.

Merry Christmas

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About Joy

We are a couple of gals who have seen the joy that can be added to someone’s life by a single act of kindness. We are mothers, wives, sisters, friends, and Mormons who want to make a difference. We are what we believe in. We believe first and foremost that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world and the Son of God. We believe in a restoration of all the teachings of Jesus Christ. We are motivated by love, charity, and faith. Our faith is our inspiration to do and see the good all around us. Even though we all have diverse backgrounds and experiences, we feel by uniting with others committed to serving we can make a difference.

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